Promotional billboards with the image of Yulia Timoshenko against a background of Russian and Ukrainian flags appeared in the Sevastopol city. The inscription of the billboards reads “Not a simple neighbourhood, but close friendship.”

To all appearances, Yulia Timoshenko lays special emphasis on strengthening of good-neighbour relations with Russia in her election campaign, “” informs.  

As a reminder, September 23 former PM of Ukraine declared that “Russia may be proud of its President.”

“You have excellent and worthy leader of the country,” said Timoshenko.

“Russia was and will be our partner. Under Kuchma’s reign a part of contacts with Russia was destroyed; the man twice took part in elections with promises concerning the Russian language as the second state language, concerning rights of the Russian-speaking population and twice deceived the people,” reminded Timoshenko, having acknowledged that “contacts between the two countries could not flourish among the atmosphere of lies.”

“We will repair an omission; it is absolutely necessary to renew the relations with Russia,” Timoshenko added.


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