Ukrainian Defence Minister Anatoly Gritsenko and Iraqi PM Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed the political and social situation of Iraq and the items of partial cooperation, Defence Ministry’s press office informed.

Iraqi PM stressed the great contribution of Ukraine to the reconstruction of Wasit’s infrastructure and maintenance the stability in the region.

“Iraq is to hold the first democratic elections and there is great merit of Ukrainian peacekeepers in it,” mentioned Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

Ukrainian Defence Minister in turns stated Ukraine’s intention to improve and to develop the political, economic ad social ties with Iraq. He also pointed out the government of Ukraine’s initiative to leave armament and equipment owned to Ukrainian peacekeepers for free use of Iraqi people after the withdrawal. Iraqi experts would be familiarized with the register of Ukrainian ammunition within the week, Gritsenko told. The ammunition register particularly includes fire arm, grenades cup discharge, armoured vehicles and engineering.

Concluding the meeting Gritsenko on behalf of the Cabinet of Ukraine invited Ibrahim al-Jaafari to visit Ukraine and discuss all items interesting for both countries. Iraqi PM agreed to do it in the nearest future.


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