In his opening statement, the Head of State noted that experience, authority and expertise of the ICG in monitoring various countries of the world might be useful for Ukraine. Speaking about our political situation before next year’s parliamentary elections, Yushchenko described it as peculiar, for the new Ukrainian government and many political forces in the parliament did not share the same values and opinions. During the meeting, the ICG representatives were eager to discuss a wide range of foreign policy and domestic issues. Theyparticularly discussed Ukraine’s regional role to settle conflicts in CIS. The President noted that it was important to cooperate with international agencies toresolve the Transdniestrian conflict, encouraging the United States and the European Union to take part in these negotiations. The Head of State believes they should try to settle it by compromise. Yushchenko also pointed out that it wasvital to closely cooperate with Russia on this issue, the official site of the President reported.

Then Yushchenko informed those present of all measures the government was taking to make Ukraine join the WTO and activate cooperation with the EU.

The participants of the meeting also broached the subject of Ukraine’s international cooperation with Europe within the framework of CIS and CES.

The Head of State spoke on the importance to conduct a forum of the Alliance of Free Democracies. He said this would be an important event to continue to build democracy in the region.

Oleg Rybachuk, Secretariat Chief of Staff, Victor Pinchuk, Ukraine MP and Member of the ICG Board, Gareth Evans, ICG President and CEO, Chris Patten, Chairman of the ICG Board, and George Soros, Chairman of the Open Society Institute, were present at the meeting.


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