Within the next few days Ukrainian medical experts will make tests establishing the fact of Yushchenko’s poisoning, the Chairman of President’s Secretariat Oleg Rybachuk told the journalists in the briefing.

Rybachuk reported “that expertise procedure has been technically prepared. Right after Piskun’s dismissal, the investigator of the case proposed to make the expertise. The President of Ukraine wrote ‘agree’ under the proposal and signed it.”

Then President’s administration consulted with the representatives of Health Ministry, Security Service of Ukraine, The General Office of Public Prosecutor and Justice Ministry.

Besides, the Chairman of President’s Secretariat puzzled why it had not been done before. “The President of Ukraine had no intention to avoid such procedure,” added Rybachuk. The expertise will be conducted under supervision of court expert, observers and witnesses.

“The health of the President of any country is the theme of social importance. But it is lost in he rumors here in Ukraine,” mentioned Rybachuk.

As a reminder, On October 12 ex-Prosecutor General Piskun declared that the case of poisoning had been proved and the criminal case was instituted in accordance with “attempted calculated murder.” But ex-Head of Security Service of Ukraine stated there was no evidence of the poisoning because there had not been official expertise conducted in Ukraine.


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