In interview Minister for Sport, Youth and Family Affairs Yuri Pavlenko is confident of Ukraine’s Euro-2012. He stated Ukraine would not step back and withdraw its application for Euro-2012.

Moreover, Minister Pavlenko believes that Ukraine “will be in the final bid for Euro-2012.” It will be known on next Tuesday. “Concerning this situation, it seems to stink of political intrigues. When Ukraine was going to bid Euro-2012, the construction had already been making. But the problem has happened now. That is the question. I am not going to shield the firm which prevents the reconstruction of Olympiysky stadium but I really do not want all this to turn into the extortion of one person (Georgy Surkis – edit),” mentioned Pavlenko.
”It is heritage of the previous regime within which Surkis was the one of the most influential representatives. Why did he broach the question before?” stressed Minister Pavlenko.
Minister of Sport, Youth and Family Affairs reported about termination of construction next to the stadium. On November 8, the working group consisted of representatives of Football Federation of Ukraine, Olympiysky stadium, Ministry for Emergency Control, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Verkhovna Rada will pass a decision concerning the construction next to the stadium. “It is quiet possible. The project experts state that it is possible to unite all sport complexes under one roof. Actually we need a new stadium,” concluded Pavlenko.


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