Commenting on the results of Yekhanurov’s visit to Washington Ukrainian political analyst Victor Nebozhenko says that the US Senate will not abolish Jackson-Vanick amendment towards Ukraine before 2010. The very amendment had to be the key issue of the negotiations but “the problem has not been solved and as usual we were promised,” stated the political expert.

He stressed that “Over ten years Ukraine did not give any causes for administration of the amendment.”

“It is rather rear case in the world politics - the country not giving any cause for anti-Semitism, systematically undergoes strict sanctions relating to Jackson-Vanick amendment,” added he. He called it “an obstacle of the US-Ukraine relations.”
Nebozenko came to a conclusion that the amendment “has exclusively political content.”

“The attitude of the USA and especially the Senate – not the President or the State Department and executive power – is perfectly characterized by this amendment. The US Senate’s reluctance to do it means only one thing – Ukraine’s things look bad,” said the political analyst. In his opinion “Ukraine’s membership into WTO and market economy status tightly connected with Anti-Ukrainian lobby inside the very Senate and Jackson-Vanick for it is the very strong argument.”


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