Victor Yushchenko greeted the Ukraine parliament for confirming his nominee, Alexander Medvedko, as Prosecutor General. The Head of State noted that at his recent meeting with Medvedko the latter informed him of political consultations he was holding with parliamentary groups and factions. Yushchenko said this frank conversation with different political forces had resulted in more than three hundreds votes. This honorary trust obliges the new Prosecutor General to brilliantly display his professional skills, he stressed.

The Presidentsaid he would demand that the Prosecutor General should more actively investigate such resonant cases as the murder of Georgy Gongadze and last year’s large-scale electoral fraud. He added that it was inadmissible that nobody had been charged with this fraud almost a year after the Orange Revolution.

The Head of State stressed that each resonant case, his mysterious poisoning in particular, should be meticulously investigated and brought into court.


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