Ukrainian OSCE delegation headed by Vladimir Yelchenko Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia took part in OSCE negotiations in Vienna and spoke on behalf of GUAM.

GUAM hailed Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's latest initiatives and the Georgian plan to regulate conflict in South Ossetia, Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia Vladimir Yelchenklo reported.

Vladimir Yelchenko also confirmed that GUAM supported sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

Commenting on report of Lithuanian Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis, Vladimir Yelchenko mentioned that GUAM support Lithuanian approaches to regional and sub regional cooperation within OSCE.

Ukrainian diplomat stressed that Baltic-Pontian sub regional cooperation tremendously promoted democracy and human rights.

Yekhanurov stated that GUAM backed OSCE activity in Kyrgyzstan.

On November 2005 Georgia will replace Ukraine presiding in GUAM in accordance with the schedule.


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