The Chairman of BYT election headquarters, ex-Head of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Alexander Turchinov states that the deputy of Ukraine, the member of “Our Ukraine” faction witnessed against ex-Secretary of NSDCU Petr Poroshenko. The evidences touch upon construction of skyscraper in Grushevsky Street, 9a in Kiev.

“The story began when Poroshenko’s right hand working in Ukrprominvest holding called owners of construction in Grushevsky Str., 9a and announced them: ‘If you want to finish construction of the object Poroshenko will give you two variants for your choice – you take smart-money (it could not cover the half of the expenses – Turchinov) or you give Poroshenko control package (the half of the object would be delivered to another structure),” told Turchinov.

“When they (owners – edit) had not agreed to choose any variant then ex-Minister form Our Ukraine Party (Alexander Turchinov has not confirmed or denied journalists’ guess that it was ex-Minister for Emergency Control David Zhvania (the deputy of “Our Ukraine” faction) - edit) blockaded the construction at the command. Then victims of the action addressed to a deputy of “our Ukraine” faction with a request to settle the problem. The deputy asked ex-Minister stop meddling with that rubbish because ‘his firemen demand incredible thing’,” said Turchinov.

Ex-Head of SBU added that ex-Minister gave the deputy an advice to solve the problem of continuation of the construction with Petr Poroshenko, UNIAN reported referring to

“The deputy was aggrieved with the fact his colleagues engaged in the extortion and witnessed in SBU. So, we could not help responding to this. It pushed the investigation,” stressed ex-Head of SBU Alexander Turchinov.

Besides, there were also the other cases touching upon Poroshenko’s business. “It would be tactless from my part to speak about abuse of VAT and the traffic in warships… That is why I did not speak on this and I do not want to wind this topic now although corpus delicti exists there as well,” mentioned Turchinov.

“I also do not intend to speak about offshore technologies used by Petr Poroshenko because it is an issue of the investigation. But the matter concerns tax dodging and money laundering,” conclude Alexander Turchinov.


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