Yuri Lucenko the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reports that the question of Shcherban’s extradition has not been settled yet. He adds that the USA might have sent ex-Governor of Sumy to Switzerland and then Switzerland would extradite him to Ukraine.

In response to the question of possible cooperation between Ukraine and the US on the investigation of Shcherban’s cases, Lucenko said “the extradition has not been discussed yet because there is no agreement on legal assistance between Ukraine and the US. Ex-Governor of Sumy region came to the USA form Switzerland that is why the US law enforcement agencies might have sent him back and Switzerland in turns would give us Shcherban in accordance with the agreement on legal assistance. So, the US counterparts may pass him to any country with which Ukraine signed the agreement. But this issue (agreement on legal assistance – edit) is out of Interior Ministry’s competence,” mentioned Lucenko.

He also pointed out the fact that Shcherban was arrested for illegal immigration because his visa had expired.


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