On Monday Golos Ukrainy newspaper will publish the income statement of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, Oleg Rybachuk the Chairman of the President’s Secretariat reported.

Rybachuk stated that Victor Yushchenko has signed it on October 26. Today the journalists have been given the copy of this document.

According to it, the sum of President’s annual common profit makes UAH 62,221($12,444), the common resident’s family makes UAH 214,166 ($42,833). President’s dividends, Interests and royalty make UAH 30.50 ($15.10), the Yushchenkos – UAH 34,546($6,909). The material aid for the President consists of UAH 5,062 ($1,000). The President’s salary makes UAH 57,128 ($11,425). President’s bank accounts make UAH 54,399 ($10,879), the Yushchenkos – UAH 1,204,235 ($240,847).

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