The Civil Liberties Fund of Boris Berezovsky does not intend to investigate or to take part in investigation of Yushchenko’s poisoning, Alex Goldfarb stated in the press conference.

“We have no idea what is happening with this investigations,” said Goldfarb and added that the Fund is involved in investigation of Gongadze case. The Fund believes in investigation committee of Gongadze case; it has all which is needed for the final report on it, Goldfarb added.

Goldfarb informed that the Civil Liberties Fund plans to invest $100,000 to documentary film about Yushchenko’s poisoning.

He also told about several thousands of e-letters from different people. They state to posses information which may be useful for investigation of the Gongadze case. The Fund is likely to hand all these letters to the General Office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine.


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