There are 66% of men (62% - everyday, 4% - from time to time) and 20% - women (17% - everyday, 3% - from time to time) smoking in Ukraine, Kiev International Sociology Institute informs.

“For Ukraine without Smoke” the coalition of social organizations and initiatives reports about increasing of number of smokers in Ukraine for last year.

According to data poll, the increase is caused by young men of moderate means living in the small villages. In 2000 only 57% Ukrainian men smoked.

Judging by the poll the sociologists call low prices for cigarettes the second reason of increase.

Smoking is a kind of epidemic in Ukraine, the experts conclude.

This fall the Act on Prevention and Reduction of Smoking was passed by Ukrainian parliament. The Act regulates prohibition on smoking in the public places and reduction of production and sale of cigarettes.

The violator of the Act smoking in the public places is to pay penalty – UAH 17-85 ($3-17). The second time he is to pay UAH 85-119 ($17-25). The sum of UAH 17 ($3) is the minimum income not liable to income tax in Ukraine.


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