One of Kateryna Yushchenko`s main priorities as the First Lady of Ukraine is raising awareness and calling attention to the main social problems facing Ukraine today. “Ukraine 3000” foundation was created in 2001 to develop the traditions of charity giving and care and is currently headed by Mrs. Yushchenko. This non-governmental charitable organization plans a wide range of cooperative efforts with other local non-government organizations through grant giving.

“In creating this foundation, we tried to make it most useful for Ukraine. Our goal is to help Ukraine create its own future and realize its global destiny. Hence, the mission of the foundation is to facilitate the search for an optimal path to Ukraine’s strategic development and making this clear for the Ukrainian population,” Kateryna Yushchenko stressed.

The foundation gives grants to people and organizations that share the goals and priorities of its founders. The foundation’s activities are divided into three directions – “Yesterday,” “Today,” and “Tomorrow” – that absolutely correspond to the main principle of understanding the vector and dynamics of Ukraine’s development, realizing that we are aiming and acting now to gain results in the future.

The “Yesterday” direction includes programs related to the historic, archaeological, ethnographic and cultural research, protection of Ukrainian history and cultural heritage and the dissemination of the related information. The main goal of these projects is to preserve and protect those achievements created during the past thousand years and to inform contemporaries about them. For this purpose the foundation introduced two major programs – “Unique Ukraine” and “The Lessons from History.”

The “Today” direction aims to implement the foundation’s main idea – attracting the maximum amount of people to work for social benefit, andhelping others and the country as a whole. Among the priorities are projects aimed at institutional development of charity and patronage of the arts in Ukraine, and solutions to issues of neglected and homeless children in Ukraine.

The “Tomorrow” direction consists of a system of inter-related projects that share a common goal of determining Ukraine’s role and place in the modern world and search for competitive advantages that address a future based on spirituality and prosperity.

The basic project of the “Tomorrow” direction is “A Community Strategy For Ukraine’s Development.” Its aim is to determine a system of values in Ukraine, where the human being is the center of society and the state. The second project is titled “The Development of Man in Ukraine and the World: A look to the future.” Its purpose is to determine strategies for the harmonious development of mankind based on a review of the UN Development Aims for the Millennium and to develop indicators for human development and forecasting methodologies that determine the country’s future development.

Main Projects implemented by the “Ukraine 3000” foundation during the past two years:

Project honoring the Victims of the 1932-1933 Famine

The only in Ukraine specialized internet-site (; Ukrainian contest of posters on the Famine theme; Contest for best press coverage of the Famine by city and regional journalist; Ukrainian Famine Memorial Commemoration for the 70th anniversary “Light A Candle.”

Projects supporting archaeological research in Ukraine

The archaeological expeditions with the aim of researching the Tripillya civilization “Richitsa-1” in the city of Rzhyschiv in Kyiv Oblast; financing a scientific anthology for the Institute of Archeology for the National Academy of Sciences titled “Archaeological Research in Ukraine 2002-2003.”

Projects supporting and popularizing national traditions

An exhibition of traditional Ukrainian clothes and their interpretations in modern collections “Ukraine in Fashion Round;” an International Ethnic Festival “Country of Dreams” with participants from nine countries.

Projects Supporting Museums in Ukraine

The first and the only periodical in Ukraine on museums topics – informational bulletin “Ukrainian Museum;” internet-portal “Museums of Ukraine”

Projects on Freedom of Speech and the support of Free Journalism

Grants named after A.Z. Moskalenko for the families of Ukrainian journalists who perished untimely; Quarterly contests for regional journalists.

Projects to help Homeless and Orphan Children

The opening of a Children’s Centre in Novovolynsk, Zhytomyr Oblast (together with “Paternal House” Foundation); display of multi-board chess-play between Children’s Home orphans and the World Chess Champion Ruslan Ponomaryov.

Project “Social Strategy for Ukraine’s Development”

Conducted twelve roundtables throughout regions of Ukraine with the aim of publicly discussing the main structures and strategic provisions; created a program document titled “Manifest of Man: Program Principles.”

“The personal participation of everyone, joint actions, and the work for public benefit are the basis upon which the foundation is built. Most important for us is to spread these ideas, to make them dominant in the society, and to unite our allies and supporters. Each individual in Ukraine should understand that he/she is in the centre of attention, he/she is the main personage, and much depends on his/her own contribution. Thousands of people and hundreds of organizations already share our point of view. They have already succeeded and want to help their country. We are grateful to everyone working with us and supporting us. Our joint activities are very important, because thanks to them everyday Ukraine becomes better. We invite everyone supporting our aims and principles to support the Fund. “Together we can do more”, - says Katerina Yushchenko.


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