Over 25 judges from 15 Ukrainian regions are to visit the USA within the framework of Open World Program, which is financed by the US Congress. Five delegations will consist of local courts judges, courts of appeal and supreme courts judges.

The Open World Program enables Ukrainian judges to communicate directly with their American counterparts and to get familiar with the American judicial in action. Ukrainians will visit Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Columbus (Ohio), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Louisville (Kentucky).

The program consists of visits the US Supreme Court and meeting with judge John Paul Steven. Also there will be intensive special programs in different cities, which provide for participating in round-tables, attending court sittings, where the sentences will be passed, selecting judges, discussing judicial ethics, visiting law firms, departments of law, prisons, participating in work of the Association of Attorneys.

The Open World Program, which was initiated by European and Asian politicians, enables Ukrainian judges to cooperate with their American colleges to promote democracy and development of free businesses in the USA. The program is also aimed at improving Ukrainian - American relations through development of friendly professional links among the delegates to the said program.

The program has started to function in Ukraine since 2003. Over the past 18 months more than 201 Ukrainian judges, journalists, election experts, lawyers and public figures have visited the USA within the framework of the program. The participants were received by 57 communities in 15 US States. The program is guided by the Open World Centre independent legal agency, which directs the Tutorial Council. The Council includes representatives of public and private sectors.


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