In Kharkiv, Victor Yushchenko visited the Malyshev Plant. Director Henadiy Hryshchenko showed him around the enterprise. The President saw military and agricultural equipment. He also met with the Chief Constructor of the Kharkiv Machine-Building Construction Bureau, Mykhailo Borysyuk.

Speaking with the workers, Yushchenko noted that he was excited and curious to see this equipment, which sometimes has no analogues in the world. He stressed that it was important to take measures to promote this produce in world markets. Yushchenko thinks we can achieve this goal by forming the so-called state order and participating in international tenders, the press office of the President of Ukraine reported.
Founded in1895, the Malyshev Plant is one of the oldest machine-building enterprises in Ukraine. It produces locomotives, engines, caterpillar machines and consumer goods. Some years ago it started tomanufacture tanks, combines, and drilling aggregates for the oil industry. In the past nine months its productivity rate has decreased by 11%. The plant has huge debts, incurring colossal losses every month.

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