In his opening statement at a meeting of general practitioners in Kharkiv, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko urged all medical workers to cardinally reform our public health system and asked those present to "speak about changes."

"We should all agree that the public health system requires profound structural changes," he stressed, adding that without these reforms we could not discuss specific projects, the press service of the Head of the state informed.

"I urge the ministry and heads of regional medical institutions to speak about ways to create an integral medical space and reform the branch," he said.

Speaking about insufficient financing, the Head of State said he was convinced this problem could not be solved without serious changes of the whole system. Yushchenko thinks the state finances what the people do not need. He noted that in the past five years government had almost doubled its expenses on medical care but neither society nor doctors noticed it. The Head of State said the nation was not healthy and added that we were facing the problem of HIV/AIDS, TB, and cancer.

Addressing those present, Yushchenko said government and doctors should "face challenges" of these key problems, formulate relevant tasks and proceed to their implementation.

The Head of State noted that it was also important to raise public awareness of these reforms, for "resistance has been and will be colossal."


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