Yulia Timoshenko the leader of BYT (Bloc Yulia Timoshenko) revealed in the meeting with business circles her intention to join NSNU in the new parliament.

Timoshenko mentioned that the new parliament would not be able stand joining of the main political forces.

“I wish our political forces (BYT and NSNU) to join after the parliamentary elections-2006,” said Yulia Timoshenko.

“It happened so we are divided. But it does not mean we will not be able to join after the elections,” added Timoshenko.

She also forecasted the complicated parliamentary elections in March, 2005.

According to her words, there are three main political forces which can gain the majority in the parliament: NSNU, BYT and the Party of Regions.

Timoshenko expressed confidence that despite the division, NSNU and BYT stand on the same positions concerning the basic questions, such as Euro integration, WTO and so on. So, these two blocs will be able to join in the future parliament, Timoshenko concluded.


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