Aftertoday's auction to sell Kryvorizhstal at the State Property Fund, Victor Yushchenko said he was pleased with its results.

The Head of State said he was convinced that this auction demonstrated “several serious things.” Yushchenko explained that, “despite all political battles and profound politicization” of this re-privatization, the fair and public auction had been conducted.

“Today, we understandthat, if Ukrainian privatization had been fair, we would have colossal financial resourcesto address any social issues,” mentioned Yushchenko, adding that this privatization brought us 20% more money than ever before, the President's press service repoted.

“What happened today shows that Ukraine can conduct fair privatization and ensure its legality,” said the President.

He added that the auction was important not only for politicians but also for all Ukrainian citizens, and congratulated the government and the State Property Fund on this occasion.

“Although there were obstacles, Ukraine managed to conduct this uniquely important privatization,” stressed Yushchenko, saying that the auction showed that “Ukrainian government can keep its promises.”

The President reiterated that the Kryvorizhstal auction was also a positive signal for the citizens of Ukraine and the world community.


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