Vladimir Litvin the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada along with Valery Vashchevsky the Head of Ukrainian Rural Democratic Party and Ivan Chizh the Chairman of All-Ukrainian Left Union “Justice” signed the agreement to form election bloc called “Litvin’s Election Bloc.”

The agreement is to regulate the functions of the bloc in the parliamentary elections-2006 at the all levels of power. Igor Yeremeev the representative of Narodna Party (People’s Party) is included in the bloc’s leading body.

Today Narodna Party (Litvin) holds its congress in Kiev. The questions of agitation and information work are on the agenda. The politic executive council of the party is charged with the election manifesto and the regional organizations are to create the regional election programs.

The election list and the program of the Litvin People’s Bloc will be passed in the congress of the parties in the nearest time.


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