There are two diametrically opposite attitude of the state agencies towards the events of October 15 where Communist Party and OUN-UPA (Ukrainian Rebel Army) clutched each other in the Khreshchatik Street.

The first one is the opinion of the General Office of Public Prosecutor which was given publicity by the deputy acting as General Prosecutor Vasyl Prysyazhnyuk.

According to Prysyazhnyuk, the General Office of Public Prosecutor took the incident under its own control. “The criminal case is being effectively investigated,” added he. Prysyazhnyuk also mentioned that General Office of Public Prosecutor charged the corresponding agencies with internal investigation of policemen’s actions in the incident. He also on behalf of the Office called the deputies of Ukrainian parliament to pass the Act “On Prevention of Criminality.”

The second standpoint belongs to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) which did not fix any violations of the law during the parades of the communists and the nationalists. The Head of the Security Service Igor Drizhchany announced it.

“Concerning the sphere of SBU activity, there was not any corpus delicti in the events of October 15,” stated the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

He also added that “from the point of legal view the event has been concluded but there is political content of it.”

He forecasted the new incidents of that kind.

“There is real threat of the radical state of public opinion concerning November 7 and November 21 (dates of the Red and the Orange Revolutions). So, we must get ready for it,” said Drizhchany.


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