At a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Victor Yushchenko said NATO membership would give Ukraine many advantages to internationally ensure our security and enhance Ukraine’s geopolitical role to join the European Union, President's press office reported.

The Head of State said that, being a NATO member, Ukraine will have “international guarantees to ensure its security, sovereignty and integrity. This will also help us become a “global player in international politics because Ukraine will become a participant of the ‘roundtable’ to reach decisions on Euro-Atlantic security issues.”

Yushchenko is convinced that EU integration and NATO integration form a “corresponding couple.”

“This type of foreign policy is logical,” he said.

The President added that, sharing humanitarian, economic and social values with Europe, Ukraine would become “clearerfor investors.”

Yushchenko also said Ukrainian citizens were often unaware of all NATO tasks and objectives.

“I am sure the Ukrainian community should be more actively informed about the Alliance,” said the President.
Victor Yushchenko said he would recommend his political partners to consolidate before next year’s parliamentary elections to promote NATO integration and “give up political speculations over this issue.”

The Head of State is convinced that this subject is strategic for the country and “so should overcome all obstacles.”

“This is the goal that can unite – not divide – fair political forces that uphold state interest,” he said.


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