Presence of NATO representatives in Ukraine will give an opportunity to the Ukrainian people to understand what NATO is and what it is not, as declared by Anatoly Gritsenko, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, during today’s joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.

“Our citizens will be able to understand NATO’s structure and to destroy the myths and certain stereotypes of it,” said Minister.

Gritsenko considers that thanks to the visit of NATO representatives to the regions Ukrainians will certain that “joining NATO does not mean presence of nuclear weapon on the Ukraine’s territory, closure of military-industrial complex enterprises or immediate withdrawal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from Ukraine’s territory.”

“Joining NATO does not mean closure of mills and plants and loss of job, but vise verse,” said Gritsenko.

According to him, Ukraine’s joining NATO will help to solve social and economic problems in Ukraine.


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