Opponents to Ukraine's accedence to NATO name three main reasons for their prejudices, among which NATO is an aggressive military block, which breeds conflicts, Ukraine's accession to NATO will be very expensive and will severe its relations with Russia. These are the results of the poll, carried out by the Democratic Initiatives Fund, Cabinet's press office reported.

The majority of specialists view these prejudices as myths, which are spread by certain political forces to speculate on it during the parliamentary elections, the Fund's director Ilko Kucheriv said.

Oleksandr Razumkov Center for Economic and Political Studies director Valeriy Chalyi believes that some stereotypes will be hard to break. He also stressed that it will be difficult to ignore NATO's aggressiveness after the latest operation in former Yugoslavia. Valeriy Chalyi warned the Ukrainians against possible influence of Russia on suspension of Ukraine's accedence to NATO. According to him, Ukrainians are prejudiced against joining NATO due to some internal problems, which should be resolved.

Ukraine's accession to NATO is not a matter of joining a military-political organization, but a matter of our civilized choice, National Institute for Strategic Studies deputy chief Hryhoriy Perepelytsya said.


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