Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Alexander Baranivsky is dissatisfied with the work of Veterinary and Customs services of Ukraine, which are charged with preventing spreading of bird flu on the country’s territory.

Minister reported that yesterday, during his visit to Romania, he inspected the process of transport treatment, which goes from Moldova to Ukraine.

“I saw that instead of full transport disinfection, the so-called runners, poured by a solution of unknown concentration, were placed,” said Baranivsky.

According to him, on Romanian borders they fully process wheels of vehicles, which direct to Romania.

Minister also noted that he is dissatisfied with the work of Veterinary services, as smuggled meat comes to the territory of Ukraine.

He also reported that the head of Customs Service of Ukraine decreed to get customs clearance for meat production not in the inner customs warehouses, but directly on the border, in order to prevent getting of inappropriate production to the territory of Ukraine.


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