Vladislav Kas’kiv, leader of “Pora” Party and aid of the President Yushchenko declared about his possible resignation from the post of the aid.

He pointed out that an aid’s task is to give useful pieces of advice concerning actual problem, but not to tell the President pleasant things.

Kas’kiv noted that he considers his post as a possibility to carry a problem to President’s mind. In case it becomes impossible, his period of the office will become pointless.

“I do not hold on to this chair. If I see that this work is senseless I will leave the post without compunction,” said Kas’kiv.

Vladislav Kas’kiv also declared “Pora” Party will be happy to include Minster of Internal Affairs Yuri Lutsenko into his list.

“I consider Lutsenko one of those politicians, who correspond to “Pora” format. We would be very happy to have such political partner,” said Kas’kiv


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