Roman Bezsmertny, Vice Prime Minister and Chairman of “Narodny Soyus ‘Nasha Ukraina’” council, has been elected as head of the party’s election campaign. Former Minister of Justice Roman Zvarich has been elected as a head of election HQ.

Such decision was made on Saturday’s party meeting, as reported by Bezsmertny on today’s press conference.

“We were discussing the model of government of the election campaign and the HQ for the parliamentary elections-2006.Ones spoke in support of transformation of executive committee of the party into the HQ, others seconded the division of function of the HQ and the committee,” said Bezsmertny.

According to him, he is a supporter of the second model, as “the brain center should be separated from the direct execution.”

“Life of the party does not end after the elections. HQ finishes its activity, but executive committee continues to provide all necessary for further development of the party,” pointed out Bezsmertny.

MP Nikolay Katerinchuk, former deputy head of the state tax administration, has been elected as a chairman of the central executive committee of the NSNU Party.

Earlier, the committee was headed by Yuri Yekhanurov, who resigned his plenary powers after appointment on the post of PM of Ukraine.


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