Pierre Lellouche, President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly considers that the issue concerning Ukraine’s joining NATO should be decided by Ukraine itself, as he declared during the briefing after the meeting with Ukrainian parliamentarians.

In particular, Mr. Lellouche noted that Ukraine’s place is among the countries of the democratic family. He underlined that NATO Parliamentary Assembly and its 26 countries-members are ready to assist Ukraine on its path to Euroatlantic structures. At the same time he noted that the decision about the joining depends on Ukrainians themselves, on political and economic reforms, which are undergoing in the state.

“We see a considerable progress,” said Lellouche, having expressed the support of orange revolution and the hope of success of the reforms in the country. He also declared that he does not know any NATO country-member, which opposes the Ukraine’s joining this organization.

Lellouche told that this is his second visit to Ukraine. His first arrival coincided with the December events in Maydan (Independence Square). “I remember the emotions on the street; none of us will forget that moment. We have come again to show our respect to the Ukrainian people,” said he.


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