Yuri Lucenko Interior Minister of Ukraine states that he had no problem in work with Timoshenko as a Premier but to his opinion, Yuri Yekhanurov is the best PM for Ukraine. It was stated in the press conference in Zaporozhye.

“To work with Yulia Timoshenko was quiet well. I would insincere if I said that I had some problem. Of course, it was uneasy to seat for ten hours and fifty minutes in the Cabinet’s consultations because of two-three questions concerning Ministry of internal affairs but it was the only inconvenience that happened there. Yulia Timoshenko never tried to influence on me radically: she took police’s work as it was. We never came up against each other – everything was ok,” said Yuri Lucenko.

“Yekhanurov is a man uniting both business and employees, the East and the West, so-called US factor and so-called Russian factor. He is quite familiar with all these. That is why some scandal methods of work come to an end. Yekhanurov makes all routine, bureaucratic but effective work,” explained Lucenko why he called Yekhanurov the best PM.

“Now I am given more precise tasks instead of mere listening to my monthly reports,” concluded Lucenko.


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