Family of the President Yushchenko again appeared in paparazzi sight. For this time, Yushchenko’s daughters – seven-year-old Sofiyka and five-year-old Kristina – are in the center of the scandal.

Every morning, at 8:30am, the girls are brought to school by grey “Lexus” with “TAK!” flag on the wind-screen. Bodyguards take girls to classrooms and wait for them near doors.

All lessons are given in English. Pupils communicate between each other in English also. Ukrainian language can be studied optionally only – at will.

If visitors want to talk to the director, they must speak English, as Steve Alexander communicates this language only.

The Ukrainian language can be found in the name of the school, written on the street signboard: Pecherska international school.

Education charges are a secret sealed with seven seals, but at this price children are also fed from expensive French restaurant.

“We receive ready dishes and warm them with steam. Food is not fat, spicy, salty, but balanced,” said one of the workers of the school dining-hall.

Menu in ordinary Ukrainian schools is not so rich – borshch, buckwheat, chain sausage and stewed fruit.


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