Voters' lists are being formed more slowly than it was planned, Vice Prime Minister Roman Bezsmertnyi said at a joint meeting among Govt and CEC members and heads of Regional State Administrations. The process is underway, but we have to keep to the terms, Roman Bezsmertnyi said.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, between September 26 and October 1 the Cabinet's working group checked two thirds of precinct working groups with regard to voters' lists preparation and the statistics was disconsolate. Till October 1 all lists were expected to be formed, but in some places they failed to be done timely, the Vice Prime Minister said, Cabinet's press office reported.

At the same time, among the problems Roman Bezsmertnyi noted the absence of already formed electronic bases. The problem is also complicated by lack of relevant contacts with military units. The Internal and Defense Ministries should give orders to chiefs of military units to assist electoral working groups in formation of voters' lists, the Vice Prime Minister noted. We also have some remarks to the composition of working groups, which according to the Cabinet of ministers resolution should be headed by first deputy heads of Regional, District and City State Administrations.

The Vice Prime Minister also paid attention to formation of voters' lists in the Russian-speaking areas. According to him, lists should be made up only in Ukrainian in order to avoid misunderstandings with the letters in surnames. Roman Bezsmertnyi also called on the leaders of the working groups not to copy the old lists, as they don't correspond to real data, but to make up new ones.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, next week a range of measures will be taken to improve and enhance voters' lists formation. Thus, the CEC within a week will hear all the leaders of the working groups and organize additional seminars, where the ways of proper formation of voters' lists will be explained.

The working groups under local authorities were established for voters' lists formation. Currently, as many as 27 regional working groups, 503 district working groups and 175 city working groups are operating in Ukraine.


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