Having visited the 275th Artillery Base near the village of Novobohdanivka, Victor Yushchenko said it would be expedient to elaborate a national program to utilize ammunition and develop a technology to utilize it locally.

Speaking about the disastrous aftermath of the 2004-05 explosions, the Head of State said it would take much time and millions of hryvnyas to rehabilitate the area.

Yushchenko added that there were patterns to achieve results in three years, considerably reducing the price of this 150-million-hryvnya project.

The President also informed those present that an organization to implement the project had almost been formed and would be coordinated by various ministries to better perform its functions.

The Head of State said his working visit to the Zaporizhzhya Region had been held within the framework of a future NSDCU meeting to discuss ways to utilize ammunition and other security issues. Yushchenko reiterated thatthe 1995 Program on security of bases and dumps had only been partly executed.


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