Kateryna Yushchenko laid a wreath on the Monument to 1932-1933 Famine Victims near the St. Andrew’s Church in Chicago, during her visit to the USA. Then she took part in a multi-confession requiem to commemorate the victims and prominent choir conductor Ivan Trukhly.

In her speech, the First Lady stressed, “The new Ukraine knows that the Ukrainian community in the U.S. spared no effort to make the world learn about the Famine.”

“The U.S. Congress was first to name it genocide,” she noted.

The President’s wife told the Ukrainian community in Chicago about a large-scale state program to commemorate all Famine victims. It stipulates measures to found a National Memory Institute, pass a law on political and legal assessment of the Famine, and provide full access to relevant archives.

The First Lady also urged the Ukrainian community of North America to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the tragedy and light candles on November 26, Famine Victims’ Day.

“I know the big Ukrainian family will be united in its grief on that day,” she said.

Then Kateryna Yushchenko attended a festival of Kiev liturgical music in the St. Andrew's Cultural Center and visited the Ukrainian Museum in Chicago.


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