October 10 Victor Yushchenko introduced Justice Minister Sergey Golovaty to his staff.

Addressing those present, the Head of State stressed, “The new government is almost formed after this appointment.”

Introducing the newly appointed Minister, Yushchenko said Sergey Golovaty “has been wonderfully working as a lawyer in Ukraine and abroad” and added that he hoped Golovaty would optimally use “his knowledge and devotion to national interests to productively work and honestly serve the Ukrainian nation.”

Yushchenko pointed out that about 53% of all appeals to the President concerned legal protection. He said in the past years the people had lost their faith in supremacy of the law in the country. The Head of State believes it is Minister’s challenge to revive this trust.

Yushchenko urged the Justice Ministry to function publicly and stressed that he expected “unbiased decisions.”

The Head of State also spoke about ways to reform the judicial system.


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