The newly-appointed justice minister, Sergey Golovatiy, has come to Ukraine. He was visiting Strasbourg and attended the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. There he learnt about his appointment as head of the Justice Ministry. Upon arrival, he made several statements about the Gongadze case, NTN TV channel reported.

Golovatiy most likely will not represent the interests of Lesya Gongadze [the journalist's mother] because he cannot combine the two posts. But he will do everything necessary to finally use a legal approach to the Gongadze case.

However, until Svyatoslav Piskun remains the Ukrainian prosecutor-general, the case will not move forward, Golovatiy said. He repeated once more that Piskun is occupying his post illegitimately.

"I will help Ukraine as a state, its president and its government to stop what is called "beyond the limits of cynicism" in the Gongadze case, and to finally use an elementary legal approach to this case," the MInister declared.

Golovatiy is going to check the judge who reinstated Piskun as prosecutor-general.
The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) Monitoring Service


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