In a special comment to the AIA, the German Minister of Interior, Otto Schily expressed hope that Ukraine will soon resolve its internal discords, Axis News reported. Speaking of the "Orange revolution", Mr.Schily said that the German leadership is "very much in favor (of it) because Ukraine is a big country with very nice and important cultural tradition, and a very rich country basically. So, they have to reconstruct the economy, they have to improve their democratic structures".

According to the German Minister, the "Orange revolution" was supported by all the political forces in Germany. "But its up to the Ukrainian people, how they can resolve their programs. It's not a question of interference from outside," Mr.Schily said, emphasizing that "some problems" that have been seen between the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and the former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko should not be criticized too harshly, as they too are the sign of democracy. He assumed that the Ukrainians have to find their way out of this situation.
Talking of the President of Ukraine, the German Minister of Interior reminded that he was received in Germany with big hospitality, was given a privilege "to appear in the German Parliament, and to give a speech there".
"I hope that Ukraine will go a very positive way," Otto Schily concluded. "We are very much interested, because we want stable situation in Europe, and therefore we are hopeful that Ukraine will come along with these problems".

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