At a press conference at the Ukraiinsky Dim, Victor Yushchenko said he is convinced the new government is a harmonic team of professionals whose performance will be apolitical.

“This team has one great asset: it is not politically engaged. It is consolidated and works in unison with the NSDCU and the Secretariat,” said the Head of State.

The President believes the new Cabinet has learned a lesson and will work as a team to publicly take decisions.

Yushchenko reminded all there were eleven new Ministers in the government.
“This government has a new climate and you will witness public decisions, discussions, professional determination and teamwork,” he said.
Victor Yushchenko also noted that in thirty days he would present a complex program to implement next year’s agrarian policy.
“A complex approach can obviously help us develop our agriculture,” he said.
The Head of State believes in 2006 the Prime Minister, the President and the Agrarian Minister will have to “aggressively conquer” such new grain markets as Africa and South Asia. Yushchenko said governments of these regions traditionally bought much grain.
Yushchenko stressed we should apply complex approaches to implement our agricultural policy in Ukraine.
“All ministries will implement the 2006 agrarian policy,” he said.
The President also noted that it was important to eventually privatize allotments because “one million farmers do not officially own land, which is why the mortgage system does not function.” Yushchenko said after privatizing lands we should launch mortgage operations and then “develop the land market.”
“This is a way to investors,” he added.
The Head of State also stressed it was necessary to elaborate an efficient insurance policy in the agrarian sector.
“Imagine creditors and investors that are offered to work in the agricultural sector, and we do not have any national insurance policy,” he said.

In addition, the President said he intends to invite Yulia Timoshenko, Alexander Zinchenko and Petr Poroshenko to attend an NSDCU meeting.

“We will hold this meeting in the presence of the Head of the Supreme Court, Prosecutor General, Security Service Chief and Prime Minister,” he said.

Speaking about Zinchenko who accused his environment of corruption, the President said he had not received a single document to prove these allegations.

“I ask all of you not to tag anybody corrupt until it is proved,” said Yushchenko


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