The Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce fully backs initiatives, aimed at protecting intellectual property, which were aired by world business executives at their recent meeting in London, and shares their anxiety over adverse effects and threatening trends, which are connected with failure to meet norms of civilized development of market relations, the ICC Ukraine press service told.

CEOs of the most powerful corporations of the world, in particular, France, Great Britain, the USA, Switzerland, Korea, joined their efforts in combating counterfeit products under the motto "Business Against Counterfeits and Piracy". The corporation CEOs warned the international community of the modern real threat, having noted that loses from pirate activity amounts to 600 bn. USD, which in the long run obstacles creating new jobs.

The forum adjusted an action plan and assumed obligations to form a global coalition for combating piracy and mobilized to this end corporation CEOs from other states, taking into consideration those spheres, which are jeopardized by this shameful phenomenon, that is, food, medicine, financial sphere, music, television, household electrical appliances manufacture and software.

The Ukrainian National Committee of the ICC stated its readiness for cooperation in this domain and supports initiatives on establishment of data bases of indexes, which will define the terms "piracy" and "counterfeits". The Ukrainian National Committee of the ICC has developed a series of proposals to protect intellectual property in Ukraine, Cabinet's press office reported.


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