Ukraine's future belongs to Europe, President of the European Commision Jose Manuel Barroso said after a meeting with Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov. He noted that door to the European Council is still open, Cabinet's press office reported. To achieve a success Ukraine has to show specific results and achievements. Ukraine can't integrate by simply continuously raising this matter.

Jose Manuel Barroso stated his expectations that Ukraine will be granted the market-economy country status, join the WTO, and benefit from market rules and norms implementation. "Let's do it together. I want to address this message of hope in relations between Ukraine and the EU to all Ukrainians ", he said.

The President of the EuroCommisison seeks to see specific results at the December 1 Summit in Kiev. "The Ukrainian nation and the Government should prove their European intentions, and devotedness to European standards. This will serve good both Ukrainians and the EuroCommision, which has a respect for your country, the nation, the democratic revolution and democratic progress", Mr Barroso noted.


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