At a press conference in Lvov, Victor Yushchenko said he would not tolerate political persecutions and was ready to personally step in if he learned of such cases.

“I repeat it every day because this term is overused and the media signal that some people are being politically persecuted,” noted the Head of State.

Yushchenko confessed that he was ready to “personally control such cases to logically investigate them at law enforcement agencies and courts.”

“By this I would like to demonstrate that no people will be persecuted irrespective of their ideology or banners they march under,” he stressed.

At the same time, the President emphasized that all Ukrainian citizens, including former officials, should equally observe the law.

“These are not political repressions. This is supremacy of the law,” said the President.

Asked to comment on rehabilitation of those who were forced to resign, Yushchenko said he supported justice.

“If you have facts that I should personally respond to I am ready to do that,” he said.


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