Irina Gerashchenko the press secretary of the President of Ukraine raises the claim concerning the way UT-1 cut the interview of the President of Ukraine of October 4 which was translated in the air of Ukrainian TV channels.

“We really have some questions to the First channel (UT-1). First we spoke about the one-hour version of discussion with the President. It means that the editor had to cut only “holes” and pauses. That is why we were offended that the interview was cut too much,” said Gerashchenko.

According to her, the final version of the interview was translated without the position of the President towards falsification of the elections, the tasks of the new Cabinet and Memorandum with opposition.

Andrey Shevchenko the vice-president of the National Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UT-1) in turns reckons that the final version is very interesting and dynamically cut.

“It was cut this way in order to satisfy the audience. It was done from the technological considerations. The audience could see only the most interesting, bright and important President’s statements. There were uninteresting and static moments behind the air,” assured Shevchenko.

He also mentioned that neither President nor his press service meddled in the cut process.


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