Yuri Yekhanurov guarantees for foreign investors that his Cabinet will not revert to re-privatization, ForUm’s reporter informed from Brussels.

“As the head of the government I am commissioned to state that that is done with the talks about re-privatization. The facts of illegal re-privatization will be investigated in legal form. The state will get the real price for undervalued objects with the help of agreements of lawsuit. None of effective owner will suffer,” said Yekhanurov in the International High-level Conference “Ukraine looks for future.”

Ukrainian PM mentions that the government in the nearest future is to demonstrate its “strong will to providing the foreign investment with the firm protection.”

He pointed out that the government proposed business understandable, corresponding and equal rules of play in Ukrainian market. He says that the optimization of tax laws, liberation of the registration and licensing will be the next steps to elimination of obstacles for the development of the business.

Ukrainian PM emphasizes that the entrance into WTO is the main target for Ukraine. He also mentions that Ukraine is ready for strategic partnership with the EU.


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