Today Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko and other top-ranking commanders has arrived at Chauda proving ground situated in Crimea. They are to watch the tactic drills with fire and Osa antiaircraft missile complex of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

During the drills every division of three army corps are to succeed in four live practice shoot; howitzer D30 on the single maneuvering aerodynamic target, the helicopter, live start of Osa antiaircraft missile complex.

The majority of divisions and subdivisions take part in such drills for the first time.

IOL posted the background for the event: “Ukraine’s army was due to resume tests of surface-to-air missiles today, four years after the accidental downing of a commercial airliner during a military exercise.

The test was to be the first since October 2001, when a stray S-200 missile hit a passenger jet over the Black Sea, killing 78 people – mostly recent Russian immigrants to Israel.

Ukraine suspended live surface-to-air missiles tests following the disaster.

Ukraine’s impoverished and poorly trained army has been plagued by accidents, with more than 700 servicemen killed in mishaps over the past six years.


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