The Head of State urged all Ministers to perform their duties as "one team." Speaking about the hall where Cabinet meetings are usually held, the President noted, "This isa place to dispute fiscal, monetary, customs or any other policy. After our debates we should illustrate our joint decision for the media and then put it into practice from dawn to dusk."

President also warned the Ministers not to politically comment upon subjects that are irrelevant to their positions. He asked the Cabinet to forget about personal political interests and cautioned them not to be focused much on personal promotion.

The Head of State also urged the team to spare no effort to bring foreign and national investment in Ukraine's economy and elaborate a "clear procedure for them to join Ukrainian businesses."

In this context, Yushchenko stressed that it was important to engage experts, businessmen and representatives of parliamentary committees before elaborating such a procedure.

"Ministers' opinion should be based on experts' opinion," he said, reiterating that it was important for the Cabinet to cooperate with the Verkhovna Rada.

Yushchenko criticized the former government for failing to execute two-thirds of his orders in time. He asked the Ministers to better control the execution of his orders on all levels.

"For each of you there is a chance to implement national tasks," said the President, summing up perspectives of the new Cabinet.

NSDCU Secretary Anatoly Kinakh, Secretariat Chief of Staff Oleg Rybachuk, Security Service Chief Igor Drizhchany and Verkhovna Rada Ombudswoman Nina Karpachova attended the meeting.


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