Nikolay Tomenko the ex-Vice-Premier reckons that the parliamentary elections-2006 will be the elections of the PM and his team.

Tomenko suggested that Victor Yushchenko would not give preference to any candidate for PM post. “On the anniversary of Orange Revolution President of Ukraine will more likely promise transparent and fair elections and will respect the will of nation. Standing along with us on Maydan and celebrating the event President will pledge to work with a government formed by PM who will be elected by Ukrainians,” pointed out Tomenko.

Tomenko is sure that the people’s confidence to President and power at all will extremely drop if Yushchenko’s inner circle continues to make a party leader of him.

The former state official also reckons that he can do both to help Yushchenko and to support Timoshenko.

To Tomenko’s opinion, President of Ukraine must guarantee equal status for all candidates for elections instead of “assisting the deputies of a certain political force in their business career.”

As a reminder, the long-awaited political reform will take into force on January 1, 2006 and Ukraine will become the presidential-parliamentary republic.


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