Victor Yushchenko is convinced the newly appointed government has a chance to achieve economic stability in the country in about three months.

"The greatest challenge the political elite is faced with is to ensure economic, social and political stability," said the Head of State in an interview broadcasted by Ukraine's leading channels.

The President stressed that it was important for the Cabinet to cooperate with the Verkhovna Rada in all fields, President's press office reported.

He described the new government as "pragmatic" and said it had "ideal conditions to work efficiently." Yushchenko believes this Cabinet is not politically engaged because all ministers are not political leaders.

Asked why most of the ministers represented the People's Union Our Ukraine pro-presidential party, the Head of State replied, "The essence of any elections is coming of a new team, which is why all elections are actually held."

He also denied allegations that the ministers had been appointed because they were loyal to the President.

"We are not speaking about their personal loyalty because loyalty is nothing if there are no positive results of your work," he said.

The President noted that he already knew all candidates to fill vacant Cabinet positions and promised these peoplewould be officially named as soon as they resigned from their current posts.


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