Svyatoslav Piskun the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is exasperated by the fact that Gongadze’s case will be considered in Strasburg by the PACE Committee on Juridical Questions and Human Rights headed by Sergey Golovaty the attorney in Gongadze’s case.

Piskun stated that “Sergey Golovaty had no right to check himself as he is the representative of Lesya Gongadze’s rights and interests.”

Piskun reported that on the eve of PACE autumn session some PACE delegates announced about improper investigation of actual cases in Ukraine, in particular Gongadze’ case and the case of assault and battery of Alxander Podolsky the journalist and Alexander Yelyashkevich the deputy of Ukraine.

To Piskun’s opinion, Golovaty must redirect the documents to another PACE committee or to resign his plenary powers. “It will be objective position and it will be the supremacy of the law and it will correspond with Ukrainian and European laws. This is my personal opinion and I I bring it to PACE notice,” stated Piskun.


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