The Council of Ministers of the EU for general affairs and external relations, who met in Luxembourg on Monday, resolved to introduce an EU monitoring mission to the Moldavian - Ukrainian borderline. The resolution was passed to respond to Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko's and Moldavian President Vladimir Voronin's address to the EU with a request to establish a monitoring of the borderline, including its Transdniestrian region. The observation mission of 50 experts will start on December 1, 2005.

The EU Ministers for Foreign Affairs in their resolution expressed their intention to actively cooperate with the Ukrainian and Moldavian authorities, with a view of jointly combat smuggling of goods and weapons, organized crime and corruption. Such efforts, as the EU hopes, as well as the EU monitoring mission on the borderline between Ukraine and Moldova, will strengthen regional security and stability.

The Council of the European Union confirmed their support for the process of the Transdniestrian settlement and their readiness to cooperate with all its participants, Cabinet's press office reported.


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