Speaking in an interview to the Rossia TV channel for the Week's News program, which was boxed on Sunday, Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov disagreed with the anchor's statement about Ukraine's political reform as sure to make the Prime Minister, not the President, number one figure in Ukraine.

In Yekhanurov's opinion, the President will retain his status because of the new Constitution's complexity.

The new Constitution, which is to take effect on January 1, contains quite a few "technological" discrepancies, which is why much will depend on the nature of Ukraine's future Parliament.

Replying to the question about whether he has chances to top the Our Ukraine party's election roll, Yuri Yekhanurov said that, being a member of the pro-President party, he will comply with its congress's decision.

As Yekhanurov stressed, he is the team's member.

Yuri Yekhanurov referred to the Ukrainian economy's condition as complicated. As he admitted, there were decisions, which brought about some disorganization. Yekhanurov stated his Government's most immediate task as "bringing to senses" some systems and mechanisms through prompt, vigorous and even harsh steps.

Yuri Yekhanurov once again reaffirmed the new authority's intention to make Russian businesses feel comfortable and at ease in Ukraine.

Touching on the Common Economic Area, the Ukrainian Prime Minister said after the two Presidents' decision to this effect the parties started vetting CEA-related documentation.

I think we will hear one another and will show that we are pragmatic people, Yekhanurov noted.


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