Everyday thirty eight Ukrainians are infected by HIV and eight ones die from AIDS, deputy Minister of Health Protection Victor Rybchuk reported to Oksana Ptashka, ForUm’s journalist.

According to Rybchuk, the young people of the age of 20-30 are in the high-risk group of HIV-infection, the teenagers are next to them.

The statistic of August 1, 2005 says that 82,220 HIV-positive are registered in Ukraine, there are 9,837 children among them. 11,039 persons were taken ill with AIDS and 6,505 ill-persons died.

The network of specialized treatment-and-preventive hospitals monthly find out more than thousand new HIV-positive patients.

The top of the epidemic list is occupied by Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine. The HIV-index exceeds the average one by 3-4 times there: Donetsk region (17,429 HIV-infected), Dnepropetrovsk region (14,616), Odessa region (11,352), Crimea Autonomy Republic (5,343) and Kiev city (3,624).

HIV-positive patients have only 5-8 years of life with the infection (the European and US term is 15-20 years) and AIDS-patients – only year or two.

The development of injection addiction caused AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. The junkers make 60% out of all HIV-infected patients.

The analysis of the last years witnesses that the key path of infection is the sexual relations.

According to experts, the number of HIV-infected increased by four times in comparison with 2000, the mortality increased by 3.8 times.


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